Message from the 2013 Tournament Director

First of all, thank you to the teams who are now finished with this year’s tournament, and good luck to those of you are are moving on.

I’d encourage those of you who can to come to McNaughton Field for this year’s finals on Wednesday night. It should be a lot of fun.

Thanks especially to the field representatives who worked so hard to give us fields to play on. We really cannot have this thing without the parent volunteers who make this happen.

Just a couple of reminder:

1.    Try to bring your collection money by McNaughton on Wednesday or even tonight if you’re able.

a.   If you absolutely cannot, shoot me an email and let me know and we’ll make some kind of arrangement.

b.   If you are in a semifinal tonight, I suggest that whomever loses pass their dough onto the winner since they’ll have to come to McNaughton on Wednesday.

2.    Raffle Tickets – you must turn these into McNaughton by the fifth inning of the final game. If you didn’t sell any, turn’em in anyway. Your association purchased the tickets prior to the tournament and they were a chance to recoup some of that. So even if you didn’t sell any, you can put your association name on the tickets and be in contention for the prizes.

3.    A trip to Beliz is not one of the prizes, but we at tournament central did order up some tropical weather just so you wouldn’t be completely unsatisfied.

4.    PATCHES – I HAVE SOME PATCHES still as I was unable to get them out to you all. If your team did not receive its patches please shoot me an email and we’ll figure out how to get them to you. These are the nicest patches I’ve ever seen for this tournament. 

THOUGHT DU JOUR — With very few exceptions, this tournament ran smoothly, but I personally feel that no matter what you do there is room for improvement. The goal of this year’s tournament committee is to make this thing a little better for the next participants and organizers. With that in mind, we’ll issue a short survey in a day or two and we would really appreciate it if you would take a moment to give us some constructive feedback. We will try to digest the feedback and use it to keep the event moving forward. I ALREADY KNOW that fields will be a big topic on this survey. I’ve fielded numerous complaints on a couple of fields. The tournament committee gives a collective tip of the hat to the field reps and owners for stepping up the way they did. THE BIGGEST THING YOU COACHES CAN DO FOR THIS TOURNAMENT is to attend your next association meeting and remind them that this whole thing will happen again next year at this time – so plan ahead, and then step up and host some games.  Good luck tonight and, for those of you not playing, good luck in Haps if you are playing in that one.

Sincerely, Jeff McGaw